Project Shutter

Project Shutter is a project under Microsoft Asia-Pacific to link photographers in the region together. Several popular forums from each country has been chosen as partners: Canon Club from Thailand, and POCO from China, Forum Kamera, and from Indonesia, PixPROs from Thailand, LensaMalaysia from Malaysia and ClubSnap from Singapore.

Designed for the budding photographer in mind, this is where you get to connect with fellow shutterbugs, read up on the latest digital photography trends, learn a trick or two from our guest photographers, participate in users’ polls and score the chance to see your works published on this site!

I like the idea of an inter-regional exchange. We may all live in the same region but each country is unique, with its own culture and language. So far, there has been some posts on the site showcasing parts of Asia. I’m thinking if this idea of a community could be extended further, beyond just a site asking people for pictures/articles. Maybe it’s the hobbyist-slant but I guess one has to work from the grassroots level. Perhaps I am seeing too much of these beginner-oriented activities here but I wish we could all move on, away from pure aesthetics to a more critical theory-based photographic culture.