Angsana // Southeast Asian Photographers Take Flight


TOP, from (“Billboards“)
© Lim Thian Leong, 2010

Angsana: Southeast Asian Photographers Taking Flight is an exhibition that brings together the works of notable contemporary photographers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Taking the name of a tree species that is common in Southeast Asia, the exhibition is a showcase of highly sophisticated images captured with well-honed skills and expertise. Put together, the works provide a glorious insight to the burgeoning standards of photography craftsmanship and the blossoming photography industry in Southeast Asia. By intertwining different artistic talents of the region, it is also a platform of cultural exchange and understanding. [press release]

Couldn’t make my way down due to a flare-up of my sciatica pain but since it’s open from Jan 12 to Feb 16 at 2902 Gallery, I might still have time to visit! It is also a fringe event of Art Stage Singapore (someone called it art on steroids).