Ho Hui May’s Photography Exhibition: Domestic Dystopia

From Kay Ngee Tan Architects Gallery

Ho Hui May Exhibition Poster

Kay Ngee Tan Architects Gallery is pleased to present Domestic Dystopia, an exhibition showcasing works by photographer Ho Hui May, first prize winner of the 26th UOB painting of the year award, Photography category.

Domestic Dystopia provides an insight into six interiors of dilapidated houses in Singapore. Each photograph reveals the traces of footsteps and impressions left behind by previous occupants, encapsulating these moments in their personal histories in a snapshot of time. Most of these houses have been abandoned and are left in a state of disrepair. By becoming a translator, Ho takes on the task of translating the deep sense of loss and nostalgia she feels when she is inside these houses onto a series of photographs.

Domestic Dystopia by Ho Hui May
Sept 18 – Oct 27

Kay Ngee Tan Architects Gallery
16-17 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089600

I say, it’s been quite some time since we heard from them! Yeah for the exhibition! I wonder how she managed to get into those abandoned houses. Looking forward to the forum on the last day of the show.