m97 Gallery: 3 Solo Exhibitions

Shanghai’s m97 Gallery will be showcasing the works of three Chinese photographers from Sep 11 to Oct 25, 2009.

TOP, from (“Impermanent Instant“)
© Li Jun, 2008

Li Jun’s Impermanent Instant draws inspiration from Buddhism’s concept of impermanence, where all existence is in constant flux and time itself, an eternally changing instance. Dust, in this case, becomes the perfect metaphor for living in an ever changing world and the photographer documents the presence left behind by inanimate objects in his apartment.

TOP, from (“Uprooted“)
© Yang Yi, 2007

The Three Gorges Dam project is a major undertaking by the Chinese goverment which has led to human displacement in the affected areas. Based on childhood dreams and nostalgia, Yang Yi created a series where inhabitants of his disappearing hometown remain despite the resulting floods. Morbidly whimsical, the series draws one in while providing a critical commentary on the government’s actions. The rest of the series can be found here.

TOP, from (“Love Hotel“)
© Meng Jin and Fang Er, 2009

While we have seen some works on love hotels by Grace Kim and Misty Keasler, this series is an entirely different take on the subject. The photographers, Meng Jin and Fang Er, used the various objects found in the rooms to create sculptures. Working within the 3-hour blocks at the various hotels, the artists shed new meaning on the relationship between the temporary occupants who visit the different rooms and their contents.

For more information on the exhibitions, please visit m97 Gallery’s website.