Paradise Lost: New Photo-documentary Works


Paradise Lost is an exhibition curated by Zhao Renhui, which seeks to present the transition of documentary photography in our region. As digital processes proliferate in the industry, photography has lost its role as an objective witness. Now, viewing photography requires a certain (healthy) sense of criticism and suspicion. The artists involved are: Ang Song Nian, Alecia Neo, Eiffel Chong, Liana Yang, Koh Yee Ling, Zhao Renhui, Matthew Teo Wee Lip, George Wong Yong Choon.

I’m excited to see what’s brewing over at the gallery. I think I might head down early tomorrow for the opening reception to avoid the usual mingling when the crowd comes.

Aug 12 – Aug 30
2902 Gallery
Old School, 11b Mount Sophia
#B2-09, Singapore 228466