Vignettes: Between Light and Dark

Vignettes is a group show featuring artists from China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, now on at 2902 Gallery. It features diverse works that span across genres, where established photographers are placed next to emerging young artists.



Norihisa Hosaka’s Burning Chrome greeted me as I entered the gallery. The post-apocalyptic approach to the Tokyo city-scape at night set a somber note as I moved onto the rest of the show. Guo Yao’s Dual approached environmental issues; nature represented by a man in a leaf-suit kneels at the feet of evil corporation man, holding the former at gunpoint. Mu Ge’s Going Home series documented how political and environmental issues affected the lives of others.

I was then assailed by Kee Ya Ting’s Inquisitive Investigations, where the artist tries to understand quantum physics. Chinese artist Di Jinjun’s series, Wet Sea, a collection of wet plates, forced me to look closer at the abstract beauty of the sea. The digital version made the task easier. I was pleasantly surprised by Wilfred Lim’s 2020 – images of seafood manipulated marine life with a political underpinning, framed the pace of the exhibition.

Koo Bohnchang’s ‘White Series’ was ethereal, a meditative and contemplative look at walls. I was then transported to The Moon by Shigeru Takato, which took my breath away. I could not help but ask the curator if the otherworldly landscapes were staged or really that of the moon, which was really silly of me. I rounded up the show with Yuki Onodera‘s Eleventh Finger. The delicate superposition of ‘elaborate cut-out lace-like patterns of enigmatic shapes and symbols’ on the faces of passersby allowed the show to end on a mysterious note.

Kudos to the curators for making a bold and concerted attempt to tie together diverse works from artists at various stages of their career. Exhibition will run till 31st August 2013. If my memory serves me right, I have not really seen a black-and-white only exhibition of contemporary photography in Singapore. There is a meet-the-artist session at the gallery this Sunday, 28th July 2013, at 3pm.