TOP, from (“What My Pussy Loves“)
© Liana Yang, 2012

It’s always good to step out of my self-imposed exile and revisit old friends. Went to 2902 Gallery over the weekend to check out the new exhibition – Zoological, featuring Ang Song Nian, Wimo Bayang, Heman Chong, John Clang, Nguan, Sherman Ong, Liana Yang, Joel Yuen and Zhao Renhui.

The show comprises of photographs, video and installation works, in a much smaller but more intimate space. The viewer is quickly confronted by Zhao Renhui’s new works at the entrance – a dead goldfish staring blankly back at the viewer. It entices one to explore the other works and ponder how each added (or detracted) from the main theme.

A quick note to readers, 2902 Gallery has shifted to its new premises at 222 Queen Street, down from the tranquility of its previous space at the top of Mt. Sophia. To non-local readers, it’s not so much a mountain but a mound, one that required 10 minutes of stairs-climbing and a good gluteal workout.