Photoink is an agency/publisher/gallery based in New Delhi, India. It represents work by contemporary Indian photographers such as Serena Chopra, Anita Khemka, Anay Mann and Dileep Prakash.

ABOVE, from (“About Neetika“)
© Dileep Prakash, 2002-2006

ABOVE, from (“Between Me and I“)
© Swapan Parekh

ABOVE, from (“Trash“)
© Vivan Sundaram, 2008

Photoink hopes to provide a platform to present and develop contemporary photography in India. I think that is a worthy cause and its business model is worth taking a look at. Besides being an agency, they also engage in publishing and design work. They also run a gallery concurrently, showcasing their stable and also other photographers. I must say, there’s some pretty awesome stuff in the gallery. Do drop by to take a look!