Blow.Up, Photographic Street Intervention

Last week, the folks at Blindboys hosted a photography exhibition in the streets of Bangalore. Prints mounted on the sidewalks of an Indian city? Wonderful! Read more on the event here.


I thought that this approach was very innovative and exposes different segments of the society to photography. It is a warm step away from the cold gallery walls, where the common folk is given a chance to appreciate photography. It’s also a way that photographers can bring more attention to their works. However, I’m not sure if there were any legal roadblocks in setting up an exhibition like this. Then again, it’s India where everything is possible, e.g. my driver drove against the flow of traffic for a good 5 minutes.

Congrats to the team for its success! Hope to see more of these guerilla exhibitions popping up around the region. Having a solo/group exhibition in a gallery may be good for the CV or ego but having something that reaches across social divides is more fulfilling for the soul (and definitely cheaper to produce).

Perhaps I will try to get a little conversation going on here. Would you consider doing this in your own country? What kind of obstacles do you think you would encounter? What kind of works do you think would be well-received?