Image Makers

How do photographers find inspiration for their work? What makes them decide this moment is worth of capturing? Sometimes a photo looks simple enough to take but there lies a deeper, longer thought process behind it.

Image Makers is a not-for-profit project initiated by a group of Singaporeans, that seeks to explore some of those questions and uncover the process behind photography. In the first year, they created 3 documentaries featuring photographers John Clang, Tay Kay Chin and Chow Chee Yong. Through the documentaries, viewers were given an insight into what goes on behind the cameras from the eyes of the photographers themselves.

And now, what began as a personal curiosity initiated by photographer Tan Ngiap Heng is growing into something larger, and you have a chance to support the project. Image Makers is embarking on their next series, which will produce 6 documentaries featuring photographers Chua Soo Bin, Jerry Seh, Russel Wong, Darren Soh, Robert Zhao (Zhao Renhui) and Ho Hui May. With diverse artists from different backgrounds, we are excited to see how the documentaries will pan out. Find out more and help them now via Indiegogo.