Just a mishmash of thoughts on a rainy Monday. Finally went to see the UOB POY show at the gallery yesterday. I flipped through the autograph book before I left and read some of the comments. As expected, there were your fair share of distractors who vehemently rejected photography as the winning medium. A friend blogged about how several photographers weren’t happy about the win; how it was repetitive and banal. It’s the same old thing as last year! (Although it’s time that they renamed the competition.)

Well, obviously my views are different. I think that it would take some years before people here would recognize photography as a legitimate art form and said people really should broaden their horizons. Then again, photography would most likely be so over by the time that happens.

Reading Alec Soth’s interview brought up another level of cognitive discontent. Photography = Twitter? Sometimes I do feel this way, especially when confronted with hordes of people touting their new swanky cameras or rediscovering vintage film cameras, churning up gigabytes after gigabytes of trash on facebook/flickr. It makes me feel all so cynical and bitter inside. Nevertheless, I’m still intensely in love with the medium but I find myself distancing away from the more commercial aspects of it.