Hello, Again

It’s been 6 years since I started the blog, except that activity dropped in the last 2 to 3 years. So here I am – reintroducing myself again, for the umpteenth time.

Three weeks ago, I left the corporate world after much deliberation and I took check of my accomplishments in the last couple of years. Frankly, I wouldn’t say they amounted to much. Change happened so rapidly in the field that I was in; I constantly struggled to keep up but eventually I dropped out of the race. Other things happened – friends got married, Instagram became a big hit, the stock markets rebounded with a vengeance, shows starring the undeadhad people retching in their seats.

I left this blog to die. Yet, I couldn’t and it became a zombie.

The DSLR I bought back then has been relegated to a dusty corner in my dry box. I think my iPhone’s resolution could give the old horse a good run. The new breeds of DSLRs are amazing to use: I rented one for a shoot a couple of months back and boy, was I amazed at the ISO capabilities! While I continue to shoot most of my personal work on film, I always wondered was I just being a nostalgic fool?

In the last few years, I have seen how photography has changed online too. While I hardly wrote, I still looked at portfolios, participated in local events and went for exhibitions. Everything has become consumable in bite-size bits. Where does photography go from here? A successful project implementation would require the audience to sit still for more that five minutes. Given that the field has been democratized to such a large extent, how do people jostle to be noticed? Should being noticed be what people strive for?

I am reminded of the sushi master – he who hones his skills for years, seeking not for fame but for perfection. Jiro Dreams of Sushifully captured this spirit of mastering one’s craft. As we hurtle towards a certain end point, the journey is fraught with unknown twists and turns. Instead of rushing through, I think we should slow down – not merely retweeting someone else’s soundbite but creating content that is important (it’s okay to let someone else retweet you though).

So I ask again, have you created original content lately? Would you want to share it with me and the world?

Contact me.