House Keeping

Since that I am cleaning up the blog, I have made some changes to the blogroll. I removed some blogs that have died over the years, a sad pity. But blogging really does take up a significant amount of time and energy. Other things in life do have a knack of creeping up at you. (You don’t really get any concrete returns on your investment, save for bragging rights and the occasional email/comment.)

Nevertheless, I have added Photographers Speak to the blogroll. There are some interesting interviews to be read on the blog. Also, Dennis was my host in the Philippines and he runs a personal photography blog, as well as a blog on the photographic scene in his country. I also met up with Estan over drinks and he has been busy running four (five? six? I lost count.) projects at the same time. Colin Pantall’s critical (and sometimes humorous) blog also makes an appearance. I have been reading Feature Shoot regularly, they have a really cool showcase of photographers there. I have also added to the blogroll.

As a matter of fact, I subscribe to close to 60 RSS feeds for photography blogs alone. I think that I may be suffering from some form of compulsive disorder.