It’s 2008?!

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for disappearing, time just flies when you are not paying attention. I just finished editing a shoot I had on Monday, have to deliver the pictures tomorrow! I’m still trying to get as much rest as possible before the school term starts next week but the remaining week seems to be packed already! I don’t think new year resolutions work but I shall try to give myself have more personal time this year, despite trying to do a hundred and one things at the same time. =) 

I received my new toy – the Mamiya RB67 last Saturday (got a really good deal off Ebay)! I have not had the luxury to take it out for a spin but i will be getting some film from town tomorrow. I hope to spend more time on personal projects this year, have quite a few projects planned out. I just hope that I get down to working on them soon.

I don’t know what 2008 will bring but it sure looks exciting! Here’s wishing everyone a good year ahead, and may you succeed in all your endeavors. Shoot more and continue supporting the blog. Will definitely try my best to dig up more work from Asia! And to produce more of my own.