Looking and Searching

Over the Lunar New Year weekend, I had a discussion on the local (re: Singapore/Malaysian/ASEAN) art scene with a relative of mine. He mentioned that recently, there hasn’t been anything new and exciting; shows were mostly rehashes of old works and the same old names kept cropping up. Admittedly, I have been keeping myself away from the scene (hardly replying my emails at times) so I didn’t have much to add to the conversation. Also, having a full-time day job really keeps me away from this “sideline”.

It did strike me though, after these years of running this blog, what kind of value have I contributed? And what do I foresee ahead?

I didn’t have much of a plan when I started writing, I just wanted a platform to share some of the amazing works I came across and hopefully allow these artists to reach a wider audience. Obviously back then, I was still in the industry and everything in my life revolved around photography. I had lots of opportunities to meet new people, had enormous amounts of drive and energy. These days, life seems like a panel from Dilbert. Perhaps that’s why I couldn’t see or find any interesting stuff to share lately. I would like to believe that my relative was wrong about the state of staleness.

Hence, I am now looking for contributors to the blog. You need to be passionate about photography (obviously), write well (I’m a grammar nazi), preferably based in Asia. There will be no deadlines, no screaming editors and obligation of any kind. Well, if you’re interested, do drop me a mail or leave a comment here.