Onwards, Destination Unknown

Things have really been quiet around here lately. I apologize for not keeping up with the posting (and emails) as I have been busy with project deadlines and preparing for my final exams. I’m on my last 2 weeks as an undergraduate and the dismal job market has really been weighing heavily on my mind lately. I have no idea whatsoever on where I should be heading next, much less the kind of jobs that I’m looking for.

My diverse interests and capabilities suddenly seem more like handicaps. It would be optimal if I could find something that allows me to do what I like, while providing the required intellectual stimulation that I crave for. However, I’m unable to narrow down what I really want to do with this thing called life. Perhaps it’s a sign of commitment phobia. Also, I haven’t been getting any calls from the many firms that I applied to. Would anyone of you be interested in hiring me?

I do want to make something out of this degree that I strived four years for. Yet at the same time, the doldrums of a stifling corporate life is…well, suffocating. (Although it would be great to put my skills and brains to work.) Going full-time as a photographer is a fine choice, yet would I survive?

While I stand at the top of the hill surveying the endless paths ahead, I can’t help feeling frightened and confused (like everybody else). There won’t be straight answers and I can only go on one path. There are just so many things that I want to accomplish (and need, like money). It’s ironic how having a map (aka destiny) would be extremely helpful yet it would totally remove the excitement of living.

With that said, if you haven’t been reading about Colin Pantall’s How Not to Photograph, shame on you. I think I’m gonna throw away my entire series on dead birds.