Portfolio Launch

After three weeks of development, I have finally launched my personal portfolio! Fully made in Actionscript 3, I employed XML to make maintenance easier. It was hard transiting to AS3 from AS1/2 but somehow I managed to get around some tight spots. It’s been weeks of sleeping at 5-6am, I think I can finally rest for the next few days.

I’ve tried to make it user-friendly, functional and fast loading. Did away with the flashier stuff. Please do send me comments on things that I could improve upon. There is still work to be done, so I can’t rest yet.

While it’s Flash only at this point, I am hoping to develop a html/php version sometime soon. It’s difficult doing everything yourself but I’m too broke to hire someone else to do it.

Edit: Had some problems with the root file references, resulting in pictures/xml/text not loading. They’ve been rectified. Not sure if the comments for the blog works, think I’ve set the wrong settings since the start!