It’s been a really long week: I had two exams, 3 events in the span of 6 days, part of the crew to cover runners for the Singapore marathon in the morning and a photo fair selling some of my prints. I got totally sun burnt during the shoot, my arms and shoulders are all aching now; it’s really not easy shooting continuously in a fixed position!

Anyway, had some friends to help me sell my prints during the photo fair but didn’t really do so well. I will probably work on an online print catalog to see if anyone is interested in buying. Christmas is just round the corner. ;)

I think I’ve overloaded myself a wee bit this week…but I’d get so restless if I had nothing to do! However, these bursts of activities are often followed by periods of relative inactivity. I will probably be working on some personal stuff in the next few weeks, it’s been awhile since I shot for myself. And I promise that I will post something within the next two days and reply to all your emails soon!

I just need to hit the sack for now. It has been really demanding. Later.