WordPress Upgrade

Alright, I think I have managed to safely upgrade the blog to WordPress version 2.7. I’ll be tinkering with the blog over the next few days to improve the user experience (time to get used to a new look!). Things have been getting pretty old around here and change is always good!

Firstly, you would notice that the blog looks different now. I’ve changed over to Thematic, a theme framework for WordPress and will spruce things up over time. I’m also keen on exploring the new features, such as threaded comments et cetera. Call me crazy but I’m also contemplating of arranging all posts into proper categories and tags. Anyone has any idea how I can do this effectively? I will probably also create a larger social media presence in the coming weeks and I’m working on new posts for the blog.

Stay tuned for more updates!

PS: Do let me know if anything is broken. Thanks!

(and yes, I’m extremely free now. I’m still looking for full-time employment and only have a few shoots lined up in the coming weeks)