Angkor Photo Festival 2010

Back for another year, the Angkor Photo Festival will be held from Nov 20 to 27 at its namesake, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Expect days of exhibitions, talks, workshops and lots of drunken fun. The Asian Women Photographers’ showcase and the New Blood show curated by Antoine D’Agata look set to blow your mind.

A number of familiar names will be showing at the festival and a lot more unfamiliar ones. I will probably scour through the list and dig up the photographers’ works. What’s noteworthy is the slideshows to be shown throughout the city – one on the Bangkok unrest earlier this year and the devastation that ripped through Haiti.

A pity I won’t be attending (I used to lack the funds, now I lack the time.) but do make your travel arrangements early. I heard that accommodation would be close to impossible to find during that period.

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