Angkor Photography Festival

TOP, from (“Thai Child Boxing“)
© Susetta Bozzi, 2008

Now that SIPF is over, the next big event to watch out in Southeast Asia is the Angkor Photography Festival. It will be on from 23 Nov to 28 Nov in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The first festival of its kind in SEA, this is its fourth year running. We will be seeing the usual outdoor projections at different locations in Siem Reap. If you are a regular reader, there will be many familiar name presenting at the festival.

An interesting feature this year would be the extension of the festival to Phnom Penh, from 29 Nov to 7 Dec. This would be the first photography festival held in the capital city, with 13 exhibitions and 5 screening events held across the city.

It looks set to be another exciting year. I’m trying to see if I can fit my schedule to fly up for the festival! Anyway, visit the website for more information.