TOP, from (“Artificial Contraceptives“)
© Buck Pago

Aninag is to see. To be visible. It is also an online documentary photography magazine by 3 Filipino photographers – Estan Cabigas, Gigie Cruz and Buck Pago.

The first issue is jam-packed with work from the founders and a guest. Buck Pago investigates the issue of overpopulation (and contraceptives) in Manila, Gigie Cruz takes a look at the effects of humans on the environment, Estan Cabigas visits the local cock-fighting arena and Lyn Rillon presents a selection of her portfolio, accompanied by an introduction by Angelica Carballo.

It’s a herculean task to keep a (non-profit) web enterprise going and I do hope that the trio succeed in this endeavor! Visit the website here.

(via Philippine Photography Scene)