Blogosphere: 04/22 – 04/29

One last post before I leave in the evening.

TOP, from (“Pedestal for Apology“)
© Takeshi Moro, 2009

Takeshi Moro’s Pedestal for Apology takes the traditional Japanese bowing gesture to a whole new level. (via i like this art)

TOP, from (“Kamaitachi“)
© Eikoh Hosoe, 1965

Japan: A Self-Portrait is an exhibition of postwar photography in Japan would be traveling around several locations in Japan. For those who aren’t able to be there, there is a selection of images here. The image above by Eikoh Hosoe is one of my favorites!

Since I’d be doing mostly street photography in India, Colin Pantall’s post on how not to do street photography made me laugh and cringe at the same time, mostly because I’m guilty as charged.

But most of the time, having the street as a location is an abdication of responsibility and choice…We photograph whatever comes into our rangefinder and rationalise it away with some mumblings about…? About…? About what exactly?

Alright, I guess that’s all for now. Will most probably be updating when I get back. I am praying for good light and a safe trip. =)