Blogosphere: 07/27 – 08/03

A bunch of links came in the last couple of weeks and I will be sharing them here.

First off, The Black Snapper is an online showcase of works by young emerging photographers worldwide. Each week, a guest curator helms the selection of works. For the launch, Abbas from Magnum Photos has chosen some really interesting photographers. This magazine is definitely worth keeping an eye on!

Young Singaporean documentary photographer, Sam Kang Li, has got his new portfolio up. I featured him a few months back and I think that he is one talented fellow. He has put up new works from China and Singapore.

Massimo Sordi is an Italian photographer with several projects on India. Dreaming Bollywood is a documentation of the booking offices found throughout India.

I’ve been thinking of Tokyo recently (maybe I’m watching too many Japanese shows). Ari Saloman sent me a link to his panoramic views of Tokyo, which show more of the city’s underbelly than the glitzy one in my head.

My mailbox’s been terribly cluttered and I apologize to those who might have sent me something. It takes time for me to sort things out and I will reply soon.