Chobi Mela V

Chobi Mela, one of the biggest photography festival in Asia, is back again this year. Photographers of all genres are invited to interpret the main theme of ‘Freedom’ and submissions open from 1st March to 31st May.

Shahidul Alam, festival director:

New forms of slavery form new forms of chains. Violence suffered in silence. Ancestral land commandeered. Resistance made illegal.
What mask does freedom now wear?

Freedom to profit is the new elixir. Freedom to reach distant markets, to exploit cheap labour. The word that takes us to such dizzying heights leaves the deepest of wounds with its loss. ‘Foreign’ sounding names, ‘wrong’ coloured skin, ‘different’ passports, circumscribe our new freedoms.

Going beyond walls built to occupy territory. Beyond bombs dropped to coerce the unarmed. Beyond cells built to hold the other. Artists paint with colours that don’t exist. Write with words as yet un-invented. Photograph where light is yet to reach. The cage. The door. The wing. The soul. Freedom.

Details are not up on the official website yet but you can join the Facebook group (gotta have an account) for more updates.