Introducing Ubersnap


Ubersnap is the latest photo-sharing platform with a unique focus on Asia. Our team of three set off on an ambitious effort a couple of months ago to build a better photo-sharing site. While not limiting users from other geographical locations, we do hope to develop a strong community of photographers from Asia.

Through my years of experience (and pain) of writing for this blog, I often thought that works from Asia are under represented globally. That was the reason that compelled me to create this blog and curate works from the region. However, it wasn’t always easy as Asian photographers tend to have scant or no online presence. With this platform, I hope that more photographers can be reached.

Do drop by our site to take a look or engage us on Twitter @ubersnap. And yes, we do have a blog too.

Update (May 2014): I have since left the start-up to focus on my own consultancy. However, still drop by to support the site.