One moment, one second, one push of the button…and one amazing prize – a medium format digital back!

© Joyce Choo

ONE is a pioneer convention uniting established professionals and aspiring photographers towards a singular goal : The perfection of the craft in medium and large sensor photography. ONE aims to be a powerful platform for existing professional to showcase their new personal works based on the “ONE” theme and for aspiring photographers to launch their careers through adapting industry practices and workflow systems.

ONE kicks off with a photography competition, calling for best photographic works worldwide. These works will be in line with the theme “ONE”, an acronym of “Our Need to Express”. Competition finalists will be mentored under a professional to refine their skills and compete for the top prize.

This convention will begin on 1st April 2010 with the launch of the competition and will culminate to a series of events in October 2010 with the opening of the exhibition.

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