As a starving university student, I’m a big Strobist fan. I have been sourcing for proper color gels for my flash unsuccessfully until I found Photogels, which sells pre-cut color correction gels for small flashes.

I sent in an order four months ago but for some odd reason, my gels never arrived. Even after getting them to send me the gels again two months ago, the package simply got lost again. So I emailed Mason, head honcho at Photogels, last week. He generously offered to send me the gels through global priority mail (5 days ago) at no extra cost, which was extremely nice of him.

I finally received the gels today and I can’t wait to stick velcro strips on the gels for some testing!

I’m so happy and glad that Mason’s such an honorable seller. Do check out Photogels, they are definitely honest and reliable. Mason might have made a loss on my sale but I’m sure his kindness would get him more sales in the future. ;)