SIPF Opening

© Ch’ng Yaohong

One word to describe the SIPF opening today – amazing!

It’s hard to see so many good works congregated in one area especially in Singapore and I was literally blown away by the quality I saw. There were so many good works on show that it’s hard for me to single out the ones I really liked.

The Birthday Party
© Vee Speers

Vee Speers’ The Birthday Party, a collection of children’s portraits was simply breathtaking.

annabel_elgar companion (2).jpg
Companion, (from “Black Flag and Other Stories“)
© Annabel Elgar, 2005

Annabel Elgar’s Black Flag and Other Stories consisted of enthralling odd moments.

Jerarquías de Intimidad la Anunciación
© Luiz Gonzalez Palma

I was also particularly taken by Luiz Gonzalez Palma’s Jerarquías de Intimidad la Anunciación.

There were also works by photographers whom I have featured on the blog. I would try my best to see if I can arrange any interviews in the following weeks. It’s good to see works that I have never seen and to meet these awesome folks.

Kudos to Gwen, Jay and the entire team for the effort put in! I will cover more of the festival as it unfolds. Check back often for updates. Oh, and drop me a mail if you’re in town for the festival.