SIPF Portfolio Review

Robert Blake with Ore Huiying (front) and Fred Baldwin with George Wong(back) during the portfolio review

Dinh Q. Le talking about Sarah Cheng-Dewinne’s work (front) as Sherman Ong, Françoise Callier and Pablo Bartholomew discuss work on a laptop (back)

Today was the start of the two-day portfolio review session. It was an intense session for most of the participants as they showed their works to renowned festival directors, curators and photographers from various parts of the world.Here are some pictures from the main exhibition area and the gallery.


In the evening, Diego Ravier from Italy spoke about his work on albinos in African society while Pablo Bartholomew compared his early works with a selection of his father’s legacy. Turnout was not bad with only standing room for both talks.

More tomorrow as the portfolio review continues.