Agan Harahap

Agan Harahap is a young Indonesian photographer with one wicked sense of humor. First mentioned earlier this year for Valentine Willie’s CUT, Harahap is back with a solo exhibition, SAFARI.



TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“Safari”)
© Agan Harahap, 2008

In this series, various animals have been anthropomorphized and placed in common situations that we may face in our daily lives. Surreal and quirky, these images reflect the changing attitudes towards photography, especially in this region. Coupled with some deft Photoshop trickery, Harahap utilized a snapshot aesthetic, which further blurs the boundary between reality and his imagination.

Some places online to view his works: flickr, Deviantart and Behance Network.

Exhibition details:
Aug 7 to Aug 31, 2009
Ruang MES 56
Jl. Nagan Lor No. 17, Yogyakarta