Akshay Mahajan

Incredible India, with its varied mix of colors and sounds. I’d be heading there in May and it’s my first visit to the subcontinent. Curious, I’ve been looking through images from photographers there and I must say, it only gets more interesting.

Akshay Mahajan is one of those photographers whom I have discovered. A documentary photographer, he is currently based in Mumbai, India. (Setting for the recent hit show Slumdog Millionaire.)



TOP AND BOTTOM, from (“Lallubhai Compound“)
© Akshay Mahajan

Lallubhai Compound is an essay on one of Mumbai’s slum resettlement housing projects. Shot in traditional black-and-white and color, it exposes the harsh reality of many who have relocated to these “ominous dominoes”.

No one moves to Lallubhai compound because they choose to, they move forced in the name of “slum rehabilitation”. Their homes have been demolished under the claw of a bulldozer. A visit to Mankhurd teaches you rehabilitation means for very little here and all you will find is a concrete slum – one of far more dangerous social ramifications.

It’s hard to imagine how people live in such conditions. Looking at the relative comfort that my friends and I enjoy, we often forget about how lucky we are. We often take things for granted, enjoying our warm showers and air-conditioned rooms. Unfortunately, the unequal distribution of wealth has led to much disparity in our world. Despite traveling through poorer areas in the region, I’m not sure how I will react when faced with the poverty in India.

For more of the series, click here. His flickr photostream can be accessed here.