anothermountainman / Stanley Wong is a talented photographer/designer/film director/creative director (the list goes on…) from Hong Kong. In his widely known redwhiteblue series, he examines the role of the ubiquitous red, white and blue tarpaulin material in our daily lives; as bags, shelters, covers, etc.

Spanning almost two decades, the work poses questions on the identity of this iconic symbol, as it is seen spanning out from China to different parts of the world.


TOP AND BOTTOM, (from “redwhiteblue”), 1988-2006
© anothermountainman

In another series, Lan Wei Lou, he photographed derelict buildings, which stood in testament to a property bubble that burst in China in the 1980s. He sought to capture the relics of this madness of crowds, and also to reflect upon the decaying spirit that seem to permeate all aspects of life since.


TOP AND BOTTOM, (from “Lan Wei Lou”), 2006
© anothermountainman

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