Asada Masashi

Taking the idea of family portraits one step further, Asada Masashi cajoled his family to pose in a series of humorous photographs. In The Asada Family, Masashi transformed himself and his family members into various fictional families, which are stereotypical of the Japanese society.




TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“The Asada Family“)
© Asada Masashi

This series won the prestigious 34th Kimura Ihei Award. Working with his family, there is a certain level of trust and familiarity that one would not get with paid actors or friends. The scenes are definitely funny, almost like a page out of a manga book. Each family member plays out his/her role with much conviction. The props and costumes also make a huge impact on the success of the images. Light-hearted and informal, the images definitely strikes a chord with audiences.

Wasn’t easy finding much of the series online but you can view some images here and here. Masashi’s website is located here.