Bharat Sikka

Diametrically opposed to my previous post, Bharat Sikka’s Indian Men is a series that well…focuses on Indian men. While the palette is decisively darker (shades of Edward Hopper), the sitters’ colorful personalities shine through.



TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“Indian Men“)
© Bharat Sikka, 2002

These environmental portraits are filled with interesting characters – all males of Indian descent, stratifying various classes of society. Set at, what I assume, to be their natural surroundings, we view these moustached men with an eye of curiosity.

What’s his story? He looks rich. Awesome looking facial hair!

These and other thoughts raced across my mind as I looked through the works. Every single person seems to have a story to tell and the photographer has managed to create an air of mystery around them. The series goes beyond what is shown and often, it is the things that are not shown that intrigue me the most.

Bharat graduated from Parson’s and works between Europe and India now. Drop by his website to see his other works.