Buck Pago

© Buck Pago
© Buck Pago

Buck Pago is a freelance photojournalist from the Philippines. Check out some of his work on flickr.

He informs me of his intention to create Philippines’ first photo collective/agency, slated to start operation sometime next year. The photographers would have full control over their works and income, while the agency acts an assignment pool. Definitely a bold step for photojournalism in Asia.

I’m postulating a guess that it would be along the lines of Australia’s iN-PUBLiC. it sounds really exciting but I wonder how many collectives actually last the ravages of time, individual differences and money. Magnum comes to mind but it has evolved over the years to become, for the lack of a better word, a behemoth. Does anyone know of similar collectives in Asia? It’d be good to share with everyone.

I will keep everyone updated once Buck’s agency is set up. I hope this initiative takes off well!