Dennis Rito

Dennis Rito was kind enough to show me around Manila when I was there last year. His new series, UNLIMITXT, strikes a deep chord with me. Like the many netizens out there, my existence is intricately linked to my virtual self, usually kept on life support when I’m on the move through my mobile phone.



© Dennis Rito, 2010

In this series, Rito seeks to examine the internal world of text-messaging users. He is compelled to explore how technology affects our society and faced with more virtual than face-to-face conversations, how do we, as a society progress ahead?

I really liked these images, especially the eerie glow that is left one the subjects’ faces. It’s an allusion to how absorbed we have become with our handheld devices. Variety in the subjects also break the possible monotony that such a series is prone to.

For more of Dennis’ works, visit his online portfolio. Incidentally, he writes the Philippine Photography Scene.