Eduardo Masferre



TOP TO BOTTOM, © Eduardo Masferre

Eduardo Masferre (1909-1995) was widely regarded as Philippines’ father of photography. Born of Spanish descent, he spent much of his life toiling farms and photographing the Cordillera, the mountainous regions in North Luzon. His black-and-white work was an anthropological record of the vanishing customs and rituals of the tribes in the region.

There aren’t many resources online with his images but some can be viewed here. His images can be viewed at the Masferre Inn and Restaurant in Sagada (it only serves food now), along a wall at the back of the dining area. A coffee table book was on sale but it was too expensive for my budget. The restaurant serves one of the best cheeseburgers I have ever eaten though! Sagada is about eleven hours from Manila, and you have to take a bus to Bontoc before changing to a jeep.

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