Eiffel Chong

Eiffel graduated from the University of East London with a MA in International Contemporary Art and Design Practice. Currently a photography lecturer at Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology, his works have been published and shown at many exhibitions and workshops.

I met Eiffel last week at the SIPF Workshop where he showed some images from his work in progress, A Matter of Life and Death. The images were shot in large format and I would love to see the prints. A good example of why the screen may not be the best way to view photos.

a promise that couldn’t be fulfilled, from (“a matter of life and death“)
© Eiffel Chong, 2008

a trace of mortality, from (“a matter of life and death“)
© Eiffel Chong, 2008

mathematical equations with emotional contours, from (“a matter of life and death“)
© Eiffel Chong, 2008

Eiffel’s work is an intellection distillation of Malaysia’s banal landscapes and interiors. His work points towards life and death in a non-fatalistic manner. Instead, he is interested in how the photographic medium can translate a particular time and space, memories and thoughts into something permanent. I personally think that the images say more with less, and makes one just want to stare and think about it. I’m reminded of Dan Holdsworth’s work. Looking forward to meeting Eiffel again the next time I head up to Kuala Lumpur.

Visit Eiffel’s website to see his other works. this used to be my playground is another series worth looking at.