Hasisi Park

Young, talented and irreverent, that’s how I would describe Hasisi Park, a Korean-born film-maker/photographer currently now residing in London. Her bio page is chock full of funny anecdotes which shows a side of her quirky personality. She describes a random moment in 2008: “wondering about how many same suits Kim Jeong Il has.”



TOP TO BOTTOM, from (‘perhaps“)
© Hasisi Park

I have chosen some images from her series, perhaps. On first viewing, the series appears to be a random selection of badly-taken (and badly-scanned) photos. However, when placed in a sequence, it seems to replicate the haziness of our own memories, moving through time and space, speaking of one’s loneliness, of one’s identity as a fiercely independent woman. Raw and in-your-face, it’s something that audiences either love to hate or hate to love.

She recently put up a new series, A funeral for bloody panties, which I found rather amusing, especially after having spent a restless night waking up repeatedly from bad dreams.

Visit her website to see more of her work.