Izima Kaoru

Izima Kaoru’s shoots in a morbid fashion. His scenes of violence and horror are incredibly detailed. And in each, a famous actress or model, dressed in expensive designer wear, is found dead and lifeless.

Karena Lam wears Jean Paul Gaultier, 2007

Kimura Yoshino wears Alexander McQueen, 2007

Hashimoto Reika wears Milk, 2006

TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“Landscapes With A Corpse“)
© Izima Kaoru, 2003-2007

Could death be any more beautiful?

I feel conflicted looking at the images. On one hand, I can’t tear myself from admiring the pretty clothes and faces. On the other, I found it to be overhanded and gimmicky. Yet, the whole idea is intriguing on its own. I can’t help but wonder how each one of them met their “end”.

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