Jake Verzosa



TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“Karen Portraits“)
© Jake Verzosa

Jake Verzosa’s documentary projects exude a sense of calmness and wonder which is seldom observed in most photojournalists’ works. These stunning portraits of the women from the Karen tribe are simply breathtaking. Their natural beauty transcends all borders. While the tribe has been photographed extensively by photographers traveling to these isolated villages, this is the first time I’ve seen them photographed like that. No wonder too, as Verzosa works as a freelance fashion/commercial photographer in Manila. However, documentary and portraiture work speak closer to his heart.

See his other works on his website. Also worth checking out is his South East Asian work on ethnicity in the region. Even though we are a region with disparate religions, cultures and beliefs, the way of living often struck me as overtly similar. The pictures totally made me miss hitting the road less traveled, talking to people and trying the most exotic food I can find.