Jinnine Pak

Based in Brooklyn, young photographer Jinnine Pak’s series on women has got some interesting images [NSFW]. She focused her energies on creating unapologetic sentimental feminine images of women. In a world filled with Photoshopped women and plastic surgery, this real look is very much welcomed.



TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“Women“)
© Jinnine Pak

Jinnine approached strangers to shoot in their bedrooms, a place that is both sacred and intimate. The project was a collaboration between sitter and photographer, much like an assisted self-portrait.

I understand how difficult it is to approach strangers for a portrait. Asking them to take off their clothes for you is really beyond me. Much in the vein of Shen Wei’s Almost Naked, Jinnine displays a flair beyond her years. However, I think that a little more polishing and editing would make the series even better.