Junko Takahashi

Tokyo-based photographer, Junko Takahashi, recently published a book of photographs on receptionists.

Junko on her work:

“In today’s society, most people exist, consciously or unconsciously, in a variety of organizations and organized spaces. So, if I could photograph those people who can usually be found in such spaces, the results would interestingly reflect reality.”

© Junko Takahashi

© Junko Takahashi

© Junko Takahashi
[all images © Junko Takahashi]

I’m not so sure about the translation of her statement but I believe the images speak for themselves. She has managed to capture the conformity that exists within Japan’s society in a slightly dark and humorous manner. Visit her website to see her past works. I think angsty-looking school kids can be found all over the world.

If you’ve not noticed, I’m featuring female photographers from Japan this week. I find their works to be very refreshing, especially in a male-dominated field like photography.