Kanako Sasaki

Japanese photographer, Kanako Sasaki, sees the world in a childlike manner…yet she also views it as a world of contrast – innocence/violence, loneliness/playfulness.



TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“Drifted“)
© Kanako Sasaki, 2008

Inspired by astronomy, Drifted is a series that questions our whereabouts, our existence and the relationship between the moon and the Earth. If one was acquainted with her earlier works, especially Wanderlust, one could easily pinpoint the various sources of inspiration and recognize the dreamlike quality of her images.

A lone female character inhabits the series, surrounded by amazing scenery, playing out a narrative. Using a few images (and an installation), the photographer managed to invoke a sense of wonderment; of how things are so much more interesting out there in the world. It made my day and I hope it would make yours too.

Here’s an interview of the photographer by the beautiful people of Nymphoto. Also, do look at her other series, Wanderlust and Walking in the Jungle. It’s a series that would put a smile on your face. Visit her website for more.