Koo Sung Soo

I’m surprised that I’ve not come across this Korean photographer but Koo Sung Soo’s Magical Reality really caught my eye. The series consists of images filled with brightly colored manmade “monuments” – fake Statues of Liberty, a karaoke room (aptly named False Orchestra), odd trees and spaces that seem to be from pages of a comic book.



TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“Magical Reality“)
© Koo Sung Soo, 2005

The more imaginative of us live in private worlds filled with color and totally divorced from reality’s drabness. Koo’s works explores the physical manifestation of this. Steering away from his older works where he observed the functionality of objects (“Principle of Functioning” and “Inspection of Factory”), this series focuses on the metaphysical aspect of function.

Bright colors fill the images, usually taken at places where humans find relief from their daily doldrums; amusement parks, galleries, tour buses et cetera. It’s a journey away and inward, to a reality where everything is cheerful. There is no pretension in the work, presenting a reality that one can only call magical.

For more of his works, visit his website here.