Madi Ju



TOP TO BOTTOM, from (“Dali Island“)
© Madi Ju

Madi Ju is a freelance photographer based in Beijing. Her images are steeped in the style of the snapshot aesthetic; loosely framed, usually shot on a compact camera and often an extension of the photographer’s life. She was once the other half of online photo-phenomenon My Little Dead Dick (some images NSFW), a love story that took the world by storm. Since they parted, she has been working in the fashion/editorial scene in China.

I wouldn’t call myself a fan (I had some troubles picking out the right images) but I do think that photos like these is a reflection of the current zeitgeist. Even though some of the other images failed to elicit much emotional response from me, some of you might be thrilled to see them. Everything is subjective anyway. For more, check out her portfolio.