Mahesh Shantaram

Mahesh Shantaram is an independent art/documentary photographer based in Bangalore, India. He is working on a long-term project on Bangalore, as the city moves through an interesting transitory period.



TOP FROM BOTTOM, (from “Bangalore: Steady State 2012“)
© Mahesh Shantaram

His project, Bangalore: Steady State 2012, documents the rapid changes the city undergoes as it moves forward to become a sprawling metropolis. The old make way for the new, the past is removed and deleted as new buildings and infrastructure spring up.

He writes:

Following a long hiatus, I returned to Bangalore only to find myself having to resettle in a city that evoked memories, and at the same time, contradicted them. Photography became a way for me to reconcile myself to changes in me and around me. These are diary notes from the conversations I will continue to have with the city I call home until the transformation is complete and it reaches its steady state.

Likewise, things here move faster than most people can managed. In the span of my one-month holiday, two new shopping centers opened and a new one is slated to launch sometime later this year. Our memories of old are often altered by the urban landscape’s unstoppable metamorphosis. Perhaps one day we would all find our peace.

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