Mohammadreza Mirzaei

A few weeks ago, I had a short email exchange with a reader on whether the blog should feature work from some countries. Iran, and other Middle Asian states were embroiled as I considered them to be Middle Eastern countries. I ruminated over it for several days and it did not feel right – how can one limit good work from being shared? Much less, over so called geographical boundaries? It would have been selfish on my part.

Anyway, check out Mirzaei’s The Encounters series. An interesting body of work of people photographing each other at various tourist hot spots. From the high vantage point, moments are frozen and reduced into graphical elements. It becomes an examination of us, as a camera-toting race and our obsessive compulsion to record everything around us.




TOP TO BOTTOM, (from “The Encounters“)
© Mohammadreza Mirzaei, 2007

I believe this is a good start for exploration into Middle Eastern/Asian photography. Geographical lines and labels mean nothing, as long as we possess the same passion/obsession for photography.

Edit: Apologies for the clunky sentences earlier. Was writing the post while in the office.