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Akash is currently in Germany on a Hamburg Foundation/GEO Magazine scholarship for a year. He has been documenting homeless people on the streets since January this year. He was curious why the homeless exist in a country as rich as Germany.

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Akash on his calling:

Once, when I took a picture of a homeless in Hamburg, I was asked by the police why I was photographing the homeless. They wanted to know why I show the bad sides of Germany. This was like a déjà-vu for me: In my homeland, friends, relatives, and other photographers often asked me: “Why do you only show the bad sides of Bangladesh? “ But this was never my intention. Having a son that is delinquent, you have to be hard and strict towards him to keep him from the bad. You do this because you love him. This is the same I feel for Bangladesh: I love my country and I show things that should be change positively.

© GMB Akash
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He goes on to draw comparisons between people from his country and his host nation:

Some people I met on German Streets look very poor, very lonesome, and very depressed. Nevertheless, their lives are a hundred times better than in Bangladesh. Only having a dog with you means pure luxury in Bangladesh. Lots of poor people in Bangladesh have nothing, not even the possibility to eat three times a day.

I guess the rich-poor divide is something that cannot be easily addressed. It exists throughout the world at different extremities. Neither end of the spectrum knows what life is like on the other side. It is only through the eyes of those who enter the lives of others that their stories can be told to the masses.

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